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I try to buy Organic meat where I can afford it – not so much because of health or taste but because its one of the few ways to ensure the animals you eat have not been mistreated.  Sometimes you also get taste benefits from the fact its not so intensively farmed, but that’s secondary to the huge animal welfare (and environmental) benefits.    Anyone who has seen the like of Paul McCartney’s “Glass walls” video will – or at least should – appreciate why this hidden aspect of our food is important.  Personally I find the organisation associated with this video – PETA – a bit extreme.  However organisations like “Compassion in World Farming” put their weight behind Organic simply because its the only ‘ready made’ independent inspectors tat check welfare.

I do a small bit to support various charities that do some great work, such as Parishes for Peace which helps Iraqi’s that have been forced to flee from their homes into Jordan.  However there are also many animal charities that deal with insane levels of cruelty and neglect, quietly and with heroic levels of patience, love and resilience.  Its amazing that the people running these things are not overwhelmed by it all.

One of these is The Cats Pyjamas in Crete.  If anyone can donate some cash, or adopt one of these rescued cats, please do.  Of course if you want a pet but can’t afford to fly it over from a place like this (around £250) then go to a local rescue organisation rather than professional breeders.  Its an easy and rewarding way to make a small impact on the problem, and a big difference to a little life that’s not had the best of starts.

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